Graduation Work 2013

In January 2013 I graduated from the International Game Architecture and Design course from the NHTV in Breda, Netherlands. This page contains my graduation product.  My project was to design a room and redecorate it for 3 different individuals over time. The individuals I chose for this project were Thomas Edison with the year 1900, Albert Einstein with the year 1950 and Steve Jobs with the year 2000. The graduation was built up out of 2 stages, the specialisation stage of 15 weeks (research part) and the graduation stage of 20 weeks (production part).  During my specialisation I did all of my research for the room (time, architecture and localization) and most of the research for the 3 individuals. I created the room and made a basic light setup. I also did a lot of modeling, texturing and shading for the Edison room. During my graduation stage I did all the research that was left on the individuals, and modeled, textured and shaded everything for the Einstein and Jobs room. I also did a lot of render tests and eventually rendered out the scenes using the Distributed Rendering (DR) feature of V-ray. Everything you see in the room is made by me, except for some textures which I took from the internet and depending on my needs altered them slightly or pretty much completely.

So what is the big deal about this project? Well since I wanted to become an environment artist and do set design / set dressing here is where I got my chance. I had to do a huge amount of research on all of the 3 individuals to make sure that all the rooms look like they could have lived there. Pretty much everything in their room is something they really owned or something they most likely owned. Much of my reference was taken from photos and stories about their lives.

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