Photo Texture Study

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In this texture study I went out and learned something about photo textures and the pipeline that is connected to it. When I concluded my study I decided to write down a tutorial about creating textures out of photos to document my finding. You can find the tutorial here. I realy like the approach [...]


Creating textures out of photo’s

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The way I see this you have two options for creating your textures. The first is painting your textures by hand, either in Photoshop or in a 3d package that supports 3d painting like Mudbox or Zbrush. The second option is creating your textures from photos. The first option will give you all the control [...]


Graduation Work 2013

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In January 2013 I graduated from the International Game Architecture and Design course from the NHTV in Breda, Netherlands. This page contains my graduation product.  My project was to design a room and redecorate it for 3 different individuals over time. The individuals I chose for this project were Thomas Edison with the year 1900, [...]


Metro Building Blocks

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This was a school project for the course “Game Architecture”, the topic for this course was building blocks. All the models where build for the use in the UDK and that was how the environment was graded. How ever I decided to shade and render it in vray for better looks. I took one shot [...]


Gun Design

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This was a school project in which we had to go through the whole design proces of a gun using iterations. This was my end result. Modeled in Maya. textured using Mudbox and Photoshop and rendered in Mental Ray.


DeathSquare Design

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This was a school project. During this project we learned about shaders, some modelling in Mudbox and some basics of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). The final asignment was to show all you have learned in a small confined space. This was my end result.